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Forgotten Artifacts
One Year of Forgotten Artifacts
[ad_1] It’s been one year since the first playable version of Forgotten Artifacts! One year ago, Forgotten Artifacts stormed onto the Enjin platform and unleashed the very first playable game to drop Enjin Blockchain items for all to collect! One year on and there’s now a town to explore, new game
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Join the Elemental Egg Hunt
[ad_1] Locate Elemental Eggs on your adventures in Forgotten Artifacts and exchange them for limited-edition rabbit outfits! Us game developers love a good Easter egg, so in the spirit of the upcoming holiday, we’re hosting our own hunt in Forgotten Artifacts! Join the Elemental Egg Hunt for your chance to claim
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The Technology Stack powering Forgotten Artifacts
[ad_1] A technical deep dive into how I used Enjin, .Net Core, PlayFab, Azure and Unity to build the first Enjin Mainnet ARPG game It’s been 8 months since I released the first playable version of Forgotten Artifacts (May 13th 2019 for Founders and May 23rd 2019 for everyone else) which ran
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Founder’s Statue Carving
[ad_1] January 19th, 2020, Founder’s Token holders will have their names carved into the historic Talmuth statue tablet! About Talmuth’s historic statue holds a stone tablet which details the Founder’s who held a token on January 19th, 2020. Their names will be etched into history and remain a part of the
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Multiverse101 Giveaway – Winners Announced!
It’s time to announce the winners of the Multiverse101 MFT Giveaway. A massive thank you firstly goes out to all those that helped spread the word of the relaunch of the Multiverse101 website. We had well over 200 Retweets just via the Multiverse101 Twitter account, and there was a heap
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Enjin Blockchain Fallen Tablets Event!
[ad_1] 3 Fallen Tablets to activate, each granting access to a secret treasure room! Find out who has the tablets and work together to discover some amazing treasure! The engraved symbols appear cryptic as to the tablet’s purpose, however these mysterious and valuable artifacts are warm to the touch. Legends
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STAMPEDE Winners and Prizes!
[ad_1] The STAMPEDE Event was the first event and a massive success! Everyone was scrambling around the dungeons looking for the prized STAMPEDE tokens and had loads of fun! Winners and Prizes As this was the first event and the first time Forgotten Artifacts was live on mainnet, there were a few
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Forgotten Artifacts is Now Live on Ethereum Mainnet!
[ad_1] Yes, you heard that right: Forgotten Artifacts now features full ERC-1155 integration! That means you can now link your Enjin Wallet to the game, loot the dungeon for all it’s worth, and keep your blockchain assets forever or trade them freely — if you make it out alive. I am overjoyed to
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