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Forest Knight
Forest Knight: 2020 Kickstart
2020 is upon us, and with that, so is a new chapter for Forest Knight. Let’s kick off the year with a Knighty Patch Note and see how Chronville is developing. A new hero has arrived… It’s a new year—and a new chapter for Forest Knight. We’re kicking off 2020 by releasing
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Forest Knight Update [December]: 2019 Recap & 2020 Roadmap
We’re looking back at our progress in 2019 and ahead to the exciting developments coming to Forest Knight in 2020. First of all, we want to thank you all for supporting us to this day. We are blessed to have such a supportive and enthusiastic community. The journey we knights have been
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Spooky Chronville: Forest Knight Halloween Sale
Spooky Chronville: Forest Knight Halloween Sale Fighting the undead hordes to protect Chronville is too stressful? In need of a party and fun? Don’t worry! Every year, the College of Tailors and the Royal Armoury are offering their best items in the chests of Halloween… the only chest you need
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The Gates of Chronville Are Open: Forest Knight Early Access
All Knights assemble. The time for Forest Knight Early Access has come! Calling all Knights to assemble! We have a lot to talk about what’s been happening behind the scenes on Forest Knight and the plans we have in store, so let’s jump right in. We are super thrilled to announce that
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Introducing the Forest Knight Multiverse Founder’s Token
A new token and program to give back to the early supporters and community members who have helped build the kingdoms of Chronville Originally, I had cooked up a plan to offer perpetual rewards, ongoing airdrops, and in-game status to my most dedicated supporters. Enjin loved this plan so much
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Forest Knight Update [June]: The Arena, Mana System & Early Access Release
June is over and with it the second quarter of 2019. With that, the most asked question from the Community is: “When Early Access? In this Blog, I want to tackle this question and give our supporters a better insight into what lead to delayed Early Access and why it
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Forest Knight Update [May]: Mentorship Program End, Lore, EnjinCraft, and More
Another Month is over and it’s time for a new Developer Update. I am very excited to talk about what we’ve done on the backstage and what changes happened to Forest Knight. Let’s directly jump into it and start with the end of the Mentorship Program! Mentorship Programm We can
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Forest Knight Update [March]: Winter Sale End, Top 10 & More
Well here we are! Now in April & what a fantastic month March has been. To summarise we have now concluded the Presale, sold over 2500 chests total which is absolutely amazing! We have been busy behind the scenes designing new artwork, new soundtracks & developing the game as fast
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Forest Knight Update [February]: Top 10 Rewards Programm, Kriptomat Partnership
Hello Knight! Today we want to talk about some updates regarding Forest Knight Winter Sale, partnership with Kriptomat and more. Let’s jump into it! Kriptomat X Forest Knight We are proud to announce a partnership with Kriptomat , one of the major Crypto exchange markets. The Kriptomat Multiverse Founder Token is going to
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Happy New Year — Chinese New Year Update
Happy New Year — Chinese New Year Update We are happy to announce some new EXTREMELY rare Chinese New Year-themed Forest Knight assets — Only available to our pre-sale supporters! The Forest Knights traveled long and far through the winter storm, overcoming treacherous mountains, rivers & valleys. Setting up camp along the way in bitterly
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