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Come and play AlterVerse: Disruption at GDC, the upcoming Game Developers Conference!
[ad_1] That’s right — we’re attending the world’s largest gaming conference! AlterVerse: Disruption We’re pumped to announce that AlterVerse will be in the Enjin booth #S563 demoing our first game in a series called Disruption. Here’s our GDC Video Teaser: The conference is taking place between March 18–22 in San Francisco. We
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AlterVerse: A Day in the Life Series
[ad_1] Chapter 1 Episode 1 — Breach Crewman Robert Vann or Captain Crypto? Magellan Disrupter Ship: 25th Cycle, 6 AM AVT He awoke with a jolt, his mind replaying the events of the previous day. The crew had spent eight long hours in the ancient silver mines on the moon of Mythriel. They had
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AlterVerse Collectible Giveaway!
[ad_1] AlterVerse is giving away collectible digital items that will be usable in 23 different blockchain games or sold for real ENJ cryptocurrency! Have a Blast(er)! We are giving away 250 APG-M55 blasters pictured above. Each of these Plasma Blasters can be used in the AlterVerse as a functioning weapon, but
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