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AlterVerse: Disruption Release!
AlterVerse: Disruption player with an Enjin backed, multiverse Plasma Hammer skin. The long awaited, and highly anticipated pre-alpha release of AlterVerse: Disruption has arrived! A group of early supporters has begun playing, load testing, and exploring the large Disrupter ships that the first game is set on. Freeplay mode and Solo Raid
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The AlterVerse Story: Shipping Out
AlterVerse: Personal Journal – Crewman Sterling 27th Cycle, 4:43 PM AVT I was minding my own business, flipping through the inter-webs when a cryptic post on Telegram caught my eye. Do you want to see new places and experience something entirely unique? Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Must be able-bodied,
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The AlterVerse Story: AV Customizer
The Technology of Expression AlterVerse Customizer Prototype As one can imagine, The Alterverse Corporation maintains a vast portfolio of secret projects at all times. While most projects are aimed at increasing the colonist survival rate and scientific research, some are designed to simply enhance the quality of colonist life. One
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AlterVerse introduces the first ever Customizable, Tokenized Game Skins.
AlterVerse Inc., a next-gen, indie, game dev studio, is pleased to announce a major upgrade to our customization system. New Customization System Prototype In a blockchain game industry first, the AlterVerse Customizer will allow players to apply millions of pure colors and color gradients to tokenized game skin designs. Users
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The AlterVerse Story: Gearing Up
Mechanized Offensive Weapons and Defensive Armors New AlterVerse Weapons and Armor The AlterVerse Corporation is pleased to announce a new series of mechanized hand-to-hand combat weapons and personal armor designed to ensure the physical safety of Solone Colonists in the event of on-board attacks. Standard Issue versions of these technologies are
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The AlterVerse Story: Intro
The AlterVerse Story: Intro A scientific breakthrough leads to a wild west adventure in an Alternate Universe. A disruption in the space-time continuum is created. It was a Leap Year, the day was February 29th. Astrophysicist Percy Mullake was experimenting again. He had been trying unsuccessfully for three years to create an infinitesimal
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Making Money Playing Games
Intro to the Revolutionary World of Blockchain Gaming in the AlterVerse. AlterVerse: Disruption — Armor and Weapon Skins How often have you wished that you could earn money while playing your favorite video games? If you’ve been looking for a way to monetize all those hours spent playing then the AlterVerse has something
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AlterVerse Opens New ERC-1155 Marketplace with a Loot Crate Sale
The AlterVerse has kicked into high gear this Summer with the launch of the first ever AlterVerse loot crate sale and a brand new ERC-1155 marketplace. We are calling on all members of the Enjin movement, blockchain gaming enthusiasts and all crypto supporters and gamers to contribute and participate. The
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Elite Lifetime Citizenship Explained
Soon 20 million Enjin users and 90 million Steam users will be introduced to the AlterVerse. Only 2000 players will be recognized as Elite Lifetime Citizens. Will you be one of them? It’s no secret that AlterVerse isn’t like other video games. We’re creating decentralized, pre-made game servers that will be owned
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Come and play AlterVerse: Disruption at GDC, the upcoming Game Developers Conference!
That’s right — we’re attending the world’s largest gaming conference! AlterVerse: Disruption We’re pumped to announce that AlterVerse will be in the Enjin booth #S563 demoing our first game in a series called Disruption. Here’s our GDC Video Teaser: The conference is taking place between March 18–22 in San Francisco. We will
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