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Age of Rust
Dev Diary 9: The AAA Look
[ad_1] Hello everybody, First, I hope everyone is doing well in these unusual times that we are in. It’s once again time to update you on what’s going on behind the scenes with Age of Rust. To start with, I’ve added a couple of very talented developers to help pitch
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Our Message for GDC 2019: Embrace the change of a crypto game economy
[ad_1] If you’re a game developer, you are probably used to controlling all the aspects of the economy inside your game. Maybe you became emotionally invested in the debate with your team on the true value of a rusty sword. Perhaps you planned out all your active and passive gold
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Why we’re part of the Blockchain Game Multiverse
[ad_1] We are living in a computer-programmed reality, and the only clue we have to it is when some variable is changed, and some alteration in reality occurs. We have the overwhelming impression that we were reliving the present — deja vu. -Philip K. Dick I remember playing Phantasy Star back in ’87, it
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Age of Rust — Dev Update #8
[ad_1] We’re very proud to announce that Age of Rust has been selected to join the Early Adopters Program from Enjin! This new and exciting development will do what we have envisioned for our games by providing a platform on the Ethereum network and giving players friendly tools to manage
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Age of Rust — Dev Update #1
[ad_1] New Devs… One of the larger project developments to take place this month was the hiring of a development team to assist in the coding of the game. This will speed up the development of the game so that everything doesn’t fall on the shoulders of a single person.
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Age of Rust — Dev Update #2
[ad_1] In mythology, when you died, you needed a coin to pay the ferryman Charon to take you across the rivers that separated the living and the dead. You needed to pay quick, without haggling an exchange rate, and get in the boat without making a fuss. What would happen
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Age of Rust — Dev Update #3
[ad_1] When creating our cards for Age of Rust, we didn’t lay out any legal terms for the use of our cards because we wanted to allow other games to use our cards and artwork without boundaries. When players or collectors buy our cards, they own that card. It’s possible
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Age of Rust — Dev Update #4
[ad_1] Over the past few weeks we have been working to wrap up the feature sets for the new Beta release of the game. Right now, we are in our debugging and testing phase to move from Test to Production which we anticipate us to complete over the next week
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Age of Rust — Dev Update #5
[ad_1] This was a busy month, not just in terms of development, but some significant changes in where things are going with the blockchain-gaming community and what we are doing with Age of Rust. The next few months are going to be really busy for us, but also exciting as
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Age of Rust — Dev Update #7
[ad_1] Hey cryptoexplorers! For this months update I wanted to answer a couple of questions and share some of the gameplay that gamers and fans have been asking about for the new game under development. What will the gameplay be like? A lot of the cryptogames that are out or coming
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