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9Lives Arena
Introducing Ooogy from 9Lives Arena: The World’s First 24/7 Cross-Platform Companion
[ad_1] Meet Ooogy, your number one employee in competitive online RPG 9Lives Arena—and diligent companion in the My Ooogy mobile app. Ooogies have officially arrived! We are thrilled to share that the world’s first blockchain-based, cross-platform companion is now available on the 9Lives Arena Shop. The World’s First Cross-Platform Companion Meet Ooogy!
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Forgotten Skulls: turning in a complete collection
[ad_1] And so it begins… With todays airdrop to 9 Lives Arena MFT owners to celebrate the Enjin Marketplace, the day has finally come that the very first complete collections of the forgotten Skulls of Atlantis can be turned in for some very very rare rewards! Innocent Skull — blue Once you own a
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Announcing the 9Lives Arena Alpha League and Guild System
[ad_1] Announcing the 9Lives Arena Alpha League and Guild System Become an active part of our history! With closed Alpha just around the corner and launching later this month 9Lives Arena will issue 999 Founders League token and distribute these to all our backers who purchased any form of Alpha access in
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9Lives Arena Closed Alpha announcements
[ad_1] Are you prepared to claim the Alpha Seasons Throne? Each season winner will sit on the throne during the following season! With the launch of closed alpha we are also announcing our very first season — Alpha Season! The 30 best warriors from the leader-boards towards the end of the closed alpha
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The Future of Gaming: Play time = Paid time at 9Lives Arena
[ad_1] Earn money by using 9Lives Arena blueprints to create and sell unique in-game armor, weapon, and shield skins backed by Enjin Coin (ENJ). Blueprints: Earn Money in the Arena Skins have become one of the most lucrative aspects of the gaming industry, with games like Fortnite earning an estimated $2.4 billion
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Come play 9Lives Arena at GDC and experience the future of blockchain gaming!
[ad_1] It’s that time of year again when the games industry gathers in San Francisco to network and talk about the latest trends and developments around gaming. But this year we will be there, alongside Enjin, showcasing the power of blockchain technology. The Road to Now After 29 years in
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The forgotten Skulls of Atlantis
[ad_1] Ever heard the saying: “there is treasure at the end of the rainbow”?! Turns out this legend is much older than you would imagine. It harks back to a time before memory… Today is the day we are starting to unleash the legendary Skulls of Atlantis as a gift to
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Multiverse Items in 9Lives Arena
[ad_1] We have exciting news to share about how some of the Gaming Multiverse items will behave in 9Lives Arena! Last week, Enjin announced the dawn of the Gaming Multiverse, and we are beyond excited and proud to be a part of it. Seven games have teamed up to create and
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9Lives Arena: We do not play around!
[ad_1] The world’s most competitive blockchain game is about to hit the market and here’s what you need to know. Our target audience is the crème de la crème of competitive players, 1v1 dueling champions, PvP lovers, playerkillers, the take-no-prisoners PvP audience that has migrated throughout decades from MMORPGs like Ultima
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