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New Year’s Resolution “I will HODL every day!” — Highscore Challange
New Year’s Resolution “I will HODL every day!” — Highscore Challange Compete with the community and win rare Hodlers, Items and Spacecrafts To celebrate the recent public beta release of Bitcoin Hodler, we’ve launched the New Year’s Resolution “I will HODL every day!” — Highscore Challenge. To join the challenge, simply 1. Download Bitcoin
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Bitcoin Hodler Public Beta Launch: Let the HODL journey begin!
We are beyond excited to announce that Bitcoin Hodler has reached official public beta release with Enjin integration, and is now available for free on Google Play and iOS TestFlight. Test Bitcoin Hodler on your Apple device We’ve made it to public beta! 🎉 It’s been a while since our last update,
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Forest Knight: 2020 Kickstart
2020 is upon us, and with that, so is a new chapter for Forest Knight. Let’s kick off the year with a Knighty Patch Note and see how Chronville is developing. A new hero has arrived… It’s a new year—and a new chapter for Forest Knight. We’re kicking off 2020 by releasing
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Spirit Clash – The Evolution of Card Frames
Hey SC Army, today I’ve got something fun to share with all of you. It had been bugging me for a little while, and I finally got the proper inspiration and time to make it happen. Today, we’re revealing the re-imagined design of the card frames. The version you have all
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Old School Hardware Wallets: How to Make a Paper Wallet
Protecting your crypto holdings with a hardware wallet can be a worthwhile investment for those with an interest and stake in blockchain. Advanced, custom-built software and hardware working in unison to protect your digital assets promises more security than any other form of technology known to humanity—except maybe for a
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The Technology Stack powering Forgotten Artifacts
A technical deep dive into how I used Enjin, .Net Core, PlayFab, Azure and Unity to build the first Enjin Mainnet ARPG game It’s been 8 months since I released the first playable version of Forgotten Artifacts (May 13th 2019 for Founders and May 23rd 2019 for everyone else) which ran on
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The AlterVerse Story: Shipping Out
AlterVerse: Personal Journal – Crewman Sterling 27th Cycle, 4:43 PM AVT I was minding my own business, flipping through the inter-webs when a cryptic post on Telegram caught my eye. Do you want to see new places and experience something entirely unique? Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Must be able-bodied,
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Happy 2020! The year of clear vision – time to film a documentary!
2020 brings in a new year and new decade, and we hope the start has been a fun and safe time for everyone that reads this. 2019 has been a blast and a great time for a variety of blockchain gaming projects spreading the web of a new multiverse via
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Enjin Staff Picks: 10 Best Games of the 2010s
“Study the past if you would define the future.” — Confucius To understand where we’re going, it helps to look at where we’ve been. The end of every year and dawning of the next are always a time of reflection and quiet contemplation on what has been, and what we
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2019: A Blockchain Year in Review for The Six Dragons
What an epic year 2019 has been for Blockchain Gaming and The Six Dragons! Join us in reviewing our best moments so far from the very first days while sharing our resolutions for 2020. With 2020 approaching, it’s time to look back on the journey of the first blockchain-powered Open-World RPG,
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