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Be Your Own Bank: The Complete Guide to Hardware Wallets
Table of Contents Introduction: Security Should be Foolproof Glossary: Blockchain Wallet Terminology What is a hardware wallet? Why do hardware wallets exist? History: From Paper to Hardware Tech: Not One-Size-Fits-All Choosing a Hardware Wallet The Pros & Cons of Hardware Wallets Conclusion: Better Very Safe Than Very Sorry Security Should
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Bitcoin Hodler — Spring Bundle Sale #TheNextCycle
Bitcoin Hodler — Spring Bundle Sale #TheNextCycle Get unique Bundles of powerful, rare and rewarding Bitcoin Hodler game assets! Bitcoin Hodler is here to stay! We want to thank you all for your ongoing support and for hodling with us along the Bitcoin Hodler journey! After the splendid launch of the public beta back
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March Development Update
March has been a busy month for the team with plenty of work going on behind the scenes. So this will be a short development update but it doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot accomplished! Development Progress Saving and Inventory System We are now getting to the stage of development
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Welcome to the “Drop Hunt”!
Welcome to the “Drop Hunt”! Play Bitcoin Hodler, catch the Golden Piggiebanks and claim Enj-backed game assets! The Bitcoin Hodler Drop Hunt — Official Launch We are pleased to invite our honored Hunter’s Badge hodlers to finally join the early access phase of the Drop Hunt as of now! Enj-backed ERC1155 game assets will
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Introducing the Enjin Multiverse Program
Imagine earning an epic sword in a high fantasy MMORPG and carrying it in a gaming inventory app on your smartphone, where it’s accessible at any time. Visualize hopping into a sci-fi action game created by another studio, where your rusty blade is now rendered as a cyborg-slicing plasma saber—with
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Nestables — Breeding Mechanics
Nestables — Breeding Mechanics Breeding will be an important part of the Nestables gameplay. Once it is written onto the blockchain, there is no going back! Read on to find out how we plan for breeding to work in Nestables… Getting the breeding mechanics right will be difficult. Numerous other blockchain games
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Enjin Platform: Now Live on Ethereum Mainnet
“Virtual worlds are places where the imaginary meets the real.” — Richard A. Bartle In a way, virtual worlds are as old as humanity itself. It’s a strange thought—but let me explain. At the dawn of the Old Stone Age, we gathered into bands of hunter-gatherers and almost immediately started
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How to Create a Video Game Press Kit
There’s nothing particularly complicated to tell you about video game press kits—they provide all of the information anyone needs to know about the game you’re developing in one easily-accessible place. Although simple by definition, video game press kits fulfill an absolutely vital function: they improve the odds of your game
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Nhinestreams Gameplay Tutorials
Welcome to a new series of gameplay tutorials accessible via Multiverse101 and created by Nhinestreams. It’s working title is – Nhinestreams Gameplay Tutorials, until we think of something cooler…or not. Nhinestreams is an active streamer and blockchain gaming community member. He’s renowned for his gaming prowess, and in this new
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AlterVerse: Disruption Release!
AlterVerse: Disruption player with an Enjin backed, multiverse Plasma Hammer skin. The long awaited, and highly anticipated pre-alpha release of AlterVerse: Disruption has arrived! A group of early supporters has begun playing, load testing, and exploring the large Disrupter ships that the first game is set on. Freeplay mode and Solo Raid
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