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Blockchain Gaming Digest 11 – 17 May 2020 – Blockchain Games Portal
[ad_1] Welcome to another blockchain gaming weekly digest by As always, many news occurred this week, and we are here to discuss the hottest topics that drive the blockchain gaming sector to mass adoption day by day. Minecraft Server The Hunters of Rio Rebranded to MyMetaverse The Blockchain-enabled Minecraft
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League of Kingdoms Land Presale to Take Place This Month
[ad_1] The upcoming blockchain MMO strategy game League of Kingdoms announced the Land Presale at a discounted rate starting on May 25/2020. The game’s launch is coming in the first half of 2020. The presale will take place in two rounds, where the first one will feature a 30% discount and the
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Atari Aligns With Arkane Network to Integrate Atari Token
[ad_1] Great news for the Blockchain Gaming community as Atari and Arkane Network join forces to boost the adoption of the Atari Token and the decentralized gaming sector in general. Atari is one of the most iconic brands in the gaming industry with popular games such as Tetris, RollerCoster Tycoon,
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Anytime: New Splinterlands Tournaments Coming
[ad_1] By order of the Peaky Blinders community, Splinterlands announced the “Anytime” tournaments with elimination rounds similar to the standard Swiss format. Anytime tournaments will start on Monday, May 18th and it’s expected to boost the gameplay experience with automated battles across all fights. The upcoming tournament format was highly
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CryptoFights leave Enjin for BSV and creates confusion to the community – Blockchain Games Portal
[ad_1] CryptoFights, the once Enjin-powered game, and early adopter confirmed yesterday their intentions to switch over to Bitcoin SV. This has created more questions than answers, as the Enjin community and early CF supporters, digest the ramifications of this decision with multiple and valid arguments. It’s no secret that scalability
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Blockchain Gaming Digest 4 – 10 May – Blockchain Games Portal
[ad_1] Welcome to another blockchain gaming digest. As always many news occurred this week as the crypto games community is expanding every day. From the blockchain integration for WordPress & Minecraft server to the Enjin SDK for Godot. Let’s take a look at this week’s blockchain gaming news. Hunters of
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Enjin Releases SDK for Godot – Blockchain Games Portal
[ad_1] Another milestone achieved today as the Enjin team released the open-source SDK for Godot, and now developers can easily integrate blockchain-based assets( NFTs) into games without any blockchain coding experience. Proudly named as the Linux of game development, Godot is an open-source 2D & 3D game engine supported by thousands
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IOTA’s New Decentralized Social Media Project – Blockchain Games Portal
[ad_1] There is no question that social networks have revolutionized the way we communicate by eliminating the distance gap. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what language you speak, instant communication and lifestyle sharing is always one tap away. The crypto industry has risen through the use of
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Blockchain Gaming Digest 27 April – 3 May – Blockchain Games Portal
[ad_1] Welcome to another weekly digest. Let’s take a quick look at some of the news that happened the past week. TRON Dapps hit the Samsung Galaxy Store Big news from the Tron platform as Samsung integrates TRON based dapps into the Samsung Galaxy Store app, making them available to
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Does iGaming Have a Future in Dapps – Blockchain Games Portal
[ad_1] Blockchain technology continues to offer promising prospects to many industries that could see the way they operate change radically. The most prominent example of this has been in cryptocurrencies, which became immensely popular in 2017.  The most popular token of all, Bitcoin, reached a peak value of just under
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