Catch Balloons and claim Satoshi’s Treasure!

After a major market shakeout, weak hands from all over the world have failed to hold on to their balloons! Thousands of squeaky life savers are now floating around, abandoned & waiting for new brave hodlers to come and get them…

Take your fate in your own hands!

Balloons are essential items in Bitcoin Hodler. They provide the desperately needed uplift force to successfully move around the volatile & unpredictable landscape of hodlerland.

These tireless and trusty companions provide an extraordinary strong grip. Made of highly elastic rubber they can withstand heavy storms and extreme FUD. However, sometimes unexpected candles can ruin the hodl harmony and pop your balloons! This cruel act of violence often strongly affects a Hodler’s chances of survival!

Finally the time has come to take your fate back in your hands. Stack as many balloons as possible to improve your chances! They may be your last hope and save your funds when everything else fails.

This is how it works: Balloons are collectible fungible Blockchain assets based on the ERC-1155 token standard. They are reandomly dropped into the game among our Hunters. Try to stack as many as possible and increase your chances to unlock “One Last Balloon”. Right before you get rekt, a Blockchain portal will open and scan the stack of balloons on your Enjin Wallet. Based on the size of your collection your chances to continue the run will be calculated. The more Balloons you own, the greater your chances are to unlock the One Last Balloon!

The different colors mean different probability gains with the white balloons adding the smallest and orange balloons the largest fractions to the stack. Every tier has an equivalent number of balloons represented by the lower tier (see figure above). Soon you will be able to swap balloons in the ingame asset menu to gradually build up your higher tier stacks. A higher tier balloon will always add a little bit more percentages to your probability than the lower tier equivalent (1 blue balloon brings a slightly higher chance than 3 green balloons). So it will always be beneficial to swap to higher tiers up till the orange balloons!

… this may not only benefit your chances of survival

Will you find the 21 pieces of Satoshi’s treasure?

When Satoshi first landed on planet earth, he arrived in his mysterious golden spacecraft, also known as “Secret Glow”. Resolute to protect his treasure, he devided it into 21 equal pieces. He then hid the pieces inside of orange balloons and distributed them all over the skies!

Play to collect as many balloons as possible and gradually swap them into higher tiers until you build up a stack of 21 Orange Balloons! Be the first to unify the 21 mysterious pieces of Satoshi’s treasure and claim “Secret Glow” which is backed by 10.000 Enjincoins!

The first hodler who stacks 21 orange balloons will get the option to swap them with Secret Glow!

Get your Hunter’s Badge, join the hunt and start catching the balloons!

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