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The downtrend on Ethereum Games continues as reported by DappRadar, due to the high tx fees. Still, gaming on other platforms is on the rise with Splinterlands counting almost 7k weekly players followed right after by Crypto Dynasty on E.O.S. with 6.7k players and $86.8k in transactions. In the third place, we find Upland (E.O.S.), and right below is Prospectors with DrugWars on Steem. The biggest news of the past week is the open-source Minecraft plugin by Enjin, which now allows Minecraft server owners to integrate blockchain-based digital goods on their servers.

N.B.A. Top Shot Beta Coming Soon


The licensed N.B.A. blockchain game by Dapper Labs will probably get released one of these days. N.B.A. Top Shot is all about collecting highlights on the blockchain, and there will also be a hoops mode.

Visit N.B.A. Top Shot Website.

MCP Players Have Earned Over $3,5 M in 2 Years

MCP Megacryptopolis

The popular blockchain game MegaCryptoPolis has paid over $3,5 Million to the players over two years, making it one of the best games in terms of investment return. Although players are making a lot, MCP needs a significant amount of money to start playing and receiving dividends from the daily rewards pool.

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Enjincraft: Supercharge Your Minecraft Server With Blockchain-Based Items & Stand Out

Minecraft Enjincraft server supercharge it using enjin blockchain

The Enjin platform released an open-source plugin along with the JAVA SDK, and now every Minecraft server owner can integrate blockchain-based tokens in their servers.

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EOS PvP Game Chain Clash Explained

We released the third episode of the “Blockchain Games Explained” series, and it’s all about the PvP Game Chain Clash. Play as the popular crypto figure Jonh Mcafee or Pierce Brock, the choice is yours.

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Dark Country Adds Value to Cards With Spirits

Dark Country Spirits

The upcoming TCG blockchain game Dark Country revealed a way to add value to your cards using a unique feature called Spirits. Spirits can keep on the blockchain, interesting statics of a card like the total damage dealt, and more.

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Infinite Fleet Token Will Run on Bitcoin’s Liquid Network

MMO strategy space-themed game Infinite Fleet released more info about the INF token. Altho the game doesn’t run on the blockchain, a crypto-based token the INF will be used to handle the economy of the game. INF exists on a side chain of the Bitcoin called the liquid Network.

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PvP Coming to Knight Story

After successfully opening the Clan Battle Beta Test, the next update coming on the mobile blockchain game Knight Story is PvP. Keep in mind that this is an internal alpha test video.

The Sandbox Hosted an AMA

With a 20% discount, the next land sale of the virtual world The Sandbox will take place on June 4th. Each land plot will cost around 38$. Sebastien Borget did an AMA a few days ago, where he replied to many community questions.

Visit the Sandbox Game.

Blockchain Game Alliance May 2020 Online Meetup


The Blockchain Game Alliance hosted an online Meetup with a lot of exciting news and discussions. 

Chain Monsters Goes Flow Blockchain

B-Side games is movings it’s title Chain Monsters the Flow Blockchain. Chain Monsters is an MMORPG similar to Pokemon and now a member of the Flow Accelerator Program.

Visit the official website.


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