As we’re approaching the new year and the new decade, it is a great time to reflect on the past year.

2019 was a breathtaking journey, and we are so grateful to have shared it with you guys.

2019 was turbulent, and we had our share of ups and downs. But looking back, we can see how much we have grown as a game and as a community.

Wars of Cutieland

In 2019 a tremendous amount of work went to Wars of Cutieland development.

We laid the gameplay groundwork and made the first steps in creating the biggest 3D world on blockchain.

The presale has reached stage four. A lot of governors, generals, and scouts joined Cutie ranks. A lot of Cutieneers bought their future capitals to be among the first ones to start their empires in Cutieland.

We hope to blow you away with Wars of Cutieland’s launch in 2020. We did a lot of work, but there’s still more to be done. 2020 will be the year this game will transform into a whole new experience. And we are thrilled to have you guys on board in this journey.

Special events

2019 was full of special events. We had Valentine’s day, summer event, Halloween, and the currently active winter event.

Each event brought something new and unique to Cutieland. While event-themed adventures, raids, and enemies have come and gone, festive items and charming new Cuties stayed in the game forever.

Season Passes

In 2019 we introduced Season Pass events. They are much bigger and more engaging than our previous ones.

Season Pass allows players to get extra exclusive rewards on a premium leveling path. It is a new approach for investing your time and coin into the game. If you play your cards right, you will reap the full benefits of both Cutie and items markets.

New Cutie kind

2019 was the year pigs have joined the game.

It was an important event with great intrigue. Pigs landed in Cutieland in scary balls of fire, and no one knew how to handle the situation. The aliens were wearing metal armor and spoke some weird oink-ish dialect.

However, after a while, most piglets assimilated in Cutieland and made great friends with other Cuties. The Cutieneer community came to appreciate pigs for their luck and fire attributes. At the end of the day, pigs became a welcome part of the Cutie family.

Will we have a new pet species in 2020? Maybe.

Gameplay updates

2019 was also a year of major gameplay updates. This year, we reworked most of the game’s mechanics.

Cutie matchmaking in adventures became fairer and gave every Cutie a chance to win. The strength and equipment still matter, but we did our best to separate Cuties by weight categories to protect smaller ones from being crushed.

The Tavern of Heroes became a place of shifting elements to keep the mightiest fighters of Cutieland on their toes. Now, with elements at play, Cutieneers had to find new strategies to fight for treasures and glory.

We also completely revamped the raids. We added leaderboards, exclusive rewards, and other aspects to make this activity more engaging and fruitful for you guys. Now we are working to push this even further. So you can expect raids 3.0 in 2020.

Quality of life improvements

The first major shift happened with the introduction of mass sending. Before this update, you would need hundreds of clicks to send out a semi-large army out farming treasures. Now, you just need to organize your Cuties in groups, and after that sending them out takes mere seconds.

Mass sending also included mass potion drinking, saving you, even more, clicks and time.

We also added a lot of useful notifications, improved the game’s interface, and made the entire system much more stable.

In 2019 the game became much easier and more pleasant to play. And in 2020 we will continue improving the experience.

Community’s breeding achievements

2019 was a year of notable breeding achievements.

We had extreme elemental powers bred into Cuties. We had armies of double tributes. And several new tribute Cutie discoveries.

Cutieneers kept studying the Cutie genome and tried new ways to get the best and strongest Cuties in the game. Players focused on breeding the most effective warriours to farm the game’s adventures.

CUTE coin launch

Our in-game currency, CUTE coin, became a freely tradable token.

CUTE became available for purchase via fiat money and traded on HitBCT exchange.

In 2020 we plan to address the issues with our partnering platforms to promote reliability for all CUTE holders out there.

The biggest update of this season was the forge. This new mechanic allowed Cutieneers to recycle items they don’t need, to strengthen their favorite ones.

This update revived the item market’s economy and launched an enormous inventory cleaning throughout the game.

In 2020 we will keep fine-tuning this mechanic so it will continue to benefit the market as a whole, and every Cutieneer in particular.

We were the first game ever to run on four blockchains!

In 2019 we launched Blockchain Cuties on NEO blockchain. We were one of the first games on the platform, and we were happy to see the game take off.

NEO’s side of the game was steadily growing, ever since its launch, and we quickly became one of the leading games on this blockchain.

2019 was also a year of many great friendships. We worked with apps, wallets, gaming platforms, and other marvelous people to make Blockchain Cuties available and easily accessible to gamers worldwide.

Probably the proudest moment of 2019 was the opportunity to do charity work.

After Spigfun bought Kote, we were able to donate half a year’s worth of supplies to a kitty shelter.

It felt out of this world how much difference a blockchain cat and one confident investor can make.

We were able to hire more super-smart people to develop the game and keep several dozen kitties fed, warm, hygienic, and happy.

There are still two Kote available on EOS and ETH, and we hope they will find their homes in 2020. But it is not the only charity project we will be running next year. We are here to contribute to the world and make a difference. And we are super grateful to you guys for your support.

Thank you for being here with us in 2019! You are the best community ever!

We are so proud to serve so many wonderful, smart, and passionate people. You are the reason why we try so hard to make this game the best in the industry.

Buckle up, because we have huge plans for you in the next year.

We wish you an awesome 2020!