Bitcoin Hodler — Spring Bundle Sale #TheNextCycle

Get unique Bundles of powerful, rare and rewarding Bitcoin Hodler game assets!

Bitcoin Hodler is here to stay!

We want to thank you all for your ongoing support and for hodling with us along the Bitcoin Hodler journey! After the splendid launch of the public beta back in January this year, thousands of new Hodlers & Hodlerettes have joined the arena ever since. Your relentless hodling throughout the challenges has helped us push the development beyond our expectations.

Yet in the early days of a new cycle, the time has come for Bitcoin Hodler to prepare for the masses and push adoption to the next level! Millions of casual gamers are waiting to get involved with the tremendous benefits and fun given by Blockchain Gaming & Non-fungible Tokens (NFT). Bitcoin Hodler paired with the Enjin ecosystem is the perfect match to provide the most fun, simple and playful onboarding experience into this amazing ecosystem.

Explore Bundles for Starters, Collectors & Founders

As of now, the official Bitcoin Hodler Shop has launched and the sale of unique Spring Bundles has started!

Go to Shop: https://bitcoinhodlershop.myshopify.com/

You can now choose from a variaty of bundles including different collections of Hodlers, Items and Spacecrafts as well as highly limited badges for perpetual rewards. All items are already active and directly usable in Bitcoin Hodler!

15 unique bundles have been specifically tailored to cover a broad range of item rarities, price levels, player preferences and early project support opportunities which will be grouped in the following categories:

Starter Bundles

contain pairs of Hodlers and Items
They are made for everyone who simply wants to get started and play with Blockchain characters and items based on ERC1155 tokens. These tokens are unique, player-owned and can evolve individually along their lifetime. Starter bundles are supposed to lower the barrier for entry and therefor start at a low price range of 6€.

Collector’s Bundles

up to 4 game assets + 1 Hunter’s Badge
They provide a variety of rare Hodlers, Items and Spacecrafts. Strongly limited Hodlers are combined with powerful and rare Items that unlock unique ingame skills. Every Collector’s bundle comes along with an additional Hunter’s Badge enabling the owner to participate in ongoing ingame item drops. Some of these bundles contain highly rare and limited assets which will only be availible for sale in this event.

Founders Bundles

up to 6 game assets + 1 Hunter’s Badge + 1 MFT
They are the largest collections with some of the most valuable and extremely rare game assets. Besides exclusive Bitcoin Hodler items they also include powerful Enjin Multiverse items that are playable in a variety of games. Every Founder’s Bundle also comes along with an additional Hunter’s Badge enabling the holder of the badge to participate in ongoing ingame item drops. These bundles are specifically designed to benefit early supporters who wish to actively support the development of Bitcoin Hodler and help us pushing the adoption of the ecosystem. Therefor every Founder also receives a Bitcoin Hodler Multiverse Founder’s Token which is the highest ever availible Badge in Bitcoin Hodler, providing perpetual rewards and early access campaigns.

Visit the Bitcoin Hodler Shop to explore and get the bundles now.

Where will this money flow?

As a casual, Blockchain-enabled and easy-to-play side-scroller, Bitcoin Hodler aims at the largest genre of mobile gaming. Besides the steadily growing crypto community, we strive to reach millions of casual gamers across all ages. Ongoing community & highscore challenges, daily Blockchain rewards, evolving characters and tough monkey challenges have been a great starting point. Yet, Bitcoin Hodler has a lot of room to grow and evolve in order to improve player experience, increase retention and accelerate adoption.

Depending on the success of this event, here is how we plan to grow with your support:

The Space Odyssey — Evolving across Galaxies

In order to build longlasting experiences with Bitcoin Hodler we are already working on new levels. Once completed, you will be able to move on to different planets, where new challenges will be waiting to be completed and and rewards to be discovered. The higher you rise into space the higher the chances are to find otherworldly Blockchain items from across the multiverse. By adding this progress layer we believe to increase fun and excitement while at the same time it is supposed to provide a rewarding experience for players who spend time to play and evolve in Bitcoin Hodler.

Multiverse and Cross Collaborations

Examples of supported decentralized Blockchain Multiverse Assets & token collaborations in Bitcoin Hodler, from top left to bottom right: “Major Tom — changelly edition”, “FIO-Express”, “Verderion” & “Arkenax” from Dappscoin, “Stormwall” & “Epochrome Sword” — Enjin Multiverse

Token based collaborations across games, services and communities have proveably shown readical increases in community engagement and player acquisition. We strongly believe that these valuable channels will significantly influence success and visibility of Blockchain games in the near future who are willing to leverage this network effect. We are working hard to implement new and automated ways to allow a multitude of branded decentralized tokens from social communities, games, services and apps to easily collaborate with Bitcoin Hodler by building and integrating their custom content. We strive to max out the cross-benefits and network potentials given by this unique opportunity.

“Shield of Lorek” — a decentralized community token, playable in a multitude of games, made by the Multiverse Brotherhood (MvB), a group dedicated to promoting, playing, and conquering enjin powered blockchain games

Perpetual Rewards

A large portion of the funds will flow back into the game in the form of prizes and ingame drops to constantly grow and reward the community and our loyal player base.

Marketing & Growth

Besides conventional marketing campaigns and ads we plan to reach out and collaborate with crypto and non-crypto projects, channels and services to promote Bitcoin Hodler and the Enjin ecosystem to a larger audience and increase public awarenes.

Milestones & Rewards

Every step forward with Bitcoin Hodler is a reason for us to celebrate! That’s why we’ve set up milestones in order to share the success of this unique event with our early supporters. Once a milestone is reached every participant of the sale will get rewarded with an additional item as follows:

MS-Starter 1 : 1000 x sold Starter’s Bundles = Satoshi Bag

MS-Collector 2 : 400 x sold Collector’s Bundles = Kahuna Bandeau

MS-Founder 3: 100 x sold Founder’s Bundles = Ring Signature Ring

These items are exclusive and only availible for the sale participants. Their total supply is determined by the total number of sold bundles after the Spring Bundle Sale event is closed.

*MS = Mile stone

We truly believe that Bitcoin Hodler will significantly impact the genre of casual mobile gaming by raising public awareness for Blockchain and NFTs across all ages. Your support will help our team to move faster twards this exciting goal.

Thank you for believing in us and in Bitcoin Hodler!

Go to Shop: https://bitcoinhodlershop.myshopify.com/

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