Bitcoin Hodler — Discover New Planets, Tame the Beasts and Earn Blockchain Rewards [UPDATE Q2/2019]

Many Thanks to our great community and early testers for numerous inspiring discussions, ideas, reports and the honest feedback since we opened the doors for Early Hodlers back in January. Based on your massive support, we were able to create new features, improve the gameplay, balance the difficulty and push the gaming experience towards new levels in preperation for a smooth and compelling public release. We want to truly thank you all for getting into our community, testing Bitcoin Hodler and openly sharing your thoughts. Now lets talk about some of the most significant developments, where we currently stand and where we are heading with Bitcoin Hodler!

Break out of the Loop and progress across the galaxy

In its core, Bitcoin Hodler is a casual endless sidescroller for quick fun featuring Blockchain Assets. However, there is a way to break out of the endless loop and progress to new levels on the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and beyond!

Bitcoin Hodler — Discover new Planets and Hodl there!

And this is how it will work: Starting on planet Earth you will need to accomplish a special mission, consisting of a set of challanges, for instance successfully avoid taxes and reach a target cycle. This will qualify you to move on to the next orb, the moon. In order to bridge the distance to the moon you will need to extend the range of your rocket by bundeling it with special equipment that you can either find and earn while you are playing or trade and exchange with other players who have already reached the orb you aspire to travel to. You won’t need to keep stuff you don’t use. Thanks to Enjin and Blockchain you can pass over an item to other players or melt it and retrieve a portion of its value.

Upgrade your Rocket!

Finally and when all conditions are fulfilled, all you’ll need to do is to push your sentiment far into the green, launch your upgraded rocket and survive the flight until you literally reach the Moon. Landing on the moon, a new mission will be waiting for you to be accomplished in order to be able to fly to the next orb. Now, as every orb has its own gravity, you will also experience slight changes in physics, control and gameplay while you progress across the galaxy.

Discover and play new levels with varying physics

As a reward, there will be a limited set of exclusive Blockchain items on each orb, waiting to be discovered.
We are setting up the Moon and Mars levels at the moment which are going to be availible a few months after the release.

The Beast Switch — Or — How to master RED crypto days

The Beast Switch — Tame the Bear and the Bull

Everybody is a genius on bull markets!
While on green crypto days you can easily reach new All Time Highs, market downturns can get really nasty and make playing the game a pain in the arse. As this actually reflects the real live perfomance of the referenced coins, there is nothing we can do about the market situation. However, with the new “Beast Switch” function in the Hodler menu it’s up to you to decide whether your hodler is bullish or bearish so that you can play and profit from both, green and red markets. But make sure to carefully deliberate your decision! Switching your hodler’s position comes with high price and risk, reducing your ingame balance and locking in your new position for a certain time period. Switching might be only beneficial for your shortterm strategy while it may be risky in case the markets make a major turn within the next tick.

Blockchain Integration and Ingame Rewards

A pretty significant milestone was recently accomplished. We’ve been successfully testing the Integration of the Enjin functionality on Mainnet — Means that now we are able to access and use the Bitcoin Hodler Blockchain assets inside the game. And besides that, we were also able to successfully implement and test the ingame minting feature, so that now we are able to discover and claim ingame blockchain rewards which you will find down the road while you are playing. As soon you’ll hit the item, it will be directly minted to the connected wallet.

Blockchain Integration — Access your Bitcoin Hodler Assets. Track, find and claim new ones!

In the newly implemented asset menu you can connect to your Enjin-Wallet, check out and access your Bitcoin Hodler assets. For every asset category (Hodlers, Items, Rockets) you will find the “Wallet” Section representing the BH items from your Enjin Wallet. The bottom section underneath is called “POOL” which is tracking and indicating how many Hodlers, Items and Rockets are left in the pool as ingame rewards that are yet to be found while you are playing the game (Blockchain Integration Demo Video coming)

More Monkey Challanges

We are adding up to 15 new Monkies to the collection, bringing new challanges with adjusted and graded difficulties. With this we aim to provide a smooth entry for beginners while at the same time maintaining and introducing tough missions for the hard-core holders.

Master the Challanges and unleash the Monkeys!

New Hodlers and Crypto Artefacts

Except “Hodler and Hodlerette”, all characters will be backed with Enjincoin. Based on the ERC1155 token standard, the Hodlers are represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs), so that every Hodler can have a unique track record. This enables the storage of individual and token-related data — such as levels, skills, cycles and challanges that have been accomplished or unlocked by the player. They will be referenced to the token, so that they can be handed over when traded with other players. Harold #46 for instance can be on level 8 with 3 skills unlocked, while Harold #47 can be on level 2 with 1 skill available.

Prepare for the Hodlers. Each of them comes with a unique skillset.

While all Hodlers share a set of 4 common abilities, each of them will have the option to access + 2 additional skills, activated by a special Crypto Artefact. All Artefacts are usable by all characters. Applying an Artefact to its referenced Hodler or Group— such as the Coffee Cup to Harold — the skill becomes a superskill and can be accessed multiple times during a round.

Artefacts can unleash Super Skills when equiped to their original Hodlers

When Release, Blockchain and iOS?

We are eagerly working to push for the first public blockchain-integrated release mid of this year in Q3, for both platforms – Android and iOS.

Coming Next

  • Bitcoin Hodler MiniGames and Community Contest
  • Video-Tour “Bitcoin Hodler — Blockchain Integration”
  • Detailed Roadmap and Asset Structure

Stay tuned and join our community to stay updated for our upcoming events!

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