Our second December surprise is live!

One of Axie’s distinguishing factors is our beautiful and beloved artwork.

We’re always looking for ways to make Axies more entrancing and eye-catching since we believe that cuteness can be a major factor in bringing blockchain to everyday people.

In this spirit, we have launched a slew of visual upgrades to your Axies!

Mystic Axies

We’ve deployed a variety of visual upgrades to Mystic parts, to make them even more special and unique!

Some Mystic parts were not clearly distinguishable from their “normal” counterparts so we’ve refined the art for them to make sure our collectors have the truly special Axies they deserve.

Have fun finding all the upgrades! This infographic shows some of the ones we thought were juiciest:

Mystic Axies are rare, beautiful, and will have a variety of unique powers in future gameplay.

We’ve even seen mystics sell for more than 10,000 USD!

Will we see a Mystic Axie trade for a Tesla Cybertruck?

Did you know that almost 5% of the mystic supply has been used as collateral for loans in the first instance of NFT-based lending?

Don’t have any Mystic Axies yet? Pick one up today on our new market!

Shop For Mystics

Other Visual Upgrades

We’ve made Fuzzies great again! This was one of the most requested visual upgrades and we’re delighted to make it happen for the community!

In addition we:

  • Improved Big Yak’s animation.
  • Improved Big Yak’s braid coloring.
  • Improved Wet Dog’s braid coloring.
  • Increased Axie border color contrast.

We can’t wait to share the rest of the surprises with you!

Make sure to tune in for our Q&A with Trung (CEO) on Thursday at 9 AM ET on Twitch.

You can start submitting your questions here!

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With Love,

The Axie Infinity Team

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