It’s finally here!

We are delighted to announce that the Axie Application Community Alpha is live!

Anyone who owns 3 Axies or more is able to access the Alpha.

Download The Alpha!

Today marks a major step forward for the Axie universe. We believe that the future for blockchain gaming is multi-platform, with both mobile and desktop compatibility. This is why we’ve made a Unity-based game a cornerstone of our growth strategy. While this is an early version of our game, we’re opening it up to our beloved community for feedback and to show you our progress.

Over the coming 6 months, we will be assessing user feedback and improving the experience to get it to a point where we feel comfortable targeting mainstream users.

We are currently building a viral referral mechanism, seamless wallet on-boarding, free, non-tokenized Axies for new users and an awesome tournament feature.

Introducing: Axie real-time card battles!

We have for some time wanted to make Axie Infinity into a more streamable experience where players can show off their skills in real-time. While the old idle-battle system was loved by our core community we set out on a mission to build a turn-based game that evolved into a card battle game.

We suggest experimenting a lot to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of the mechanics.

Players can click on the opposing Axies and Chimeras to see which cards they might have access to.

The original class advantages/disadvantages are still applicable and the multiplier is 20%/-20%. Example: A Bug move that deals 100 damage will deal 120 Damage against a reptile/plant and 80 damage against an aquatic/bird. The class of the attacking move and defending Axie are what are used so the system has been simplified.

For those who want to dive even further into the details here is a list of all the current moves and their effects — please note that these can change at any time while we are balancing the game.

Axie Move Stats & Effects

Both PVE and PVP gameplay use these mechanics.

PVE Adventure Mode

Chimeras have arrived! Trainers can test their favorite Axies against Chimera. This is the first step towards bringing land gameplay to our community which we know everyone is looking forward to!

For now, victories against Chimera will drop love potions. The further you progress in the adventure the more loot you will receive. Axies will gain exp and level up, increasing their strength in Adventure Mode. Please note that this progression only applies to Adventure Mode and Axies will return to level 1 after the Alpha.

PvE will eventually be merged into the land system which is scheduled for release in the future.

PVP Battles

To let everyone have a fair chance to familiarize themselves with the game we will keep the PvP system casual without any rewards for the first few weeks. We will activate seasonal rewards and tournaments with sponsored in the very near future so you better start training!

Breeding now requires Love Potions instead of EXP

Love Potions have a very low chance to drop in the current idle-battle system and a high chance to drop in PvE Adventure Mode.

The breeding mechanic has been changed to ensure the healthiness of the Axie population long term and to allow for strong play to earn dynamics, instead of bot-to-earn.

The breeding requirements are as follows:

In the graphic 1 potion= 100 small love potions.

The cost to breed two Axies will be based on the breed count of both parents. For example, two Axies that have 6 breeds each will require 2,600 Small Love Potions to breed.

We will introduce more powerful love potions in the future!

Team Building

We’ve created a beautiful new team building UI directly in the application!

For simplicity, we have decreased the number of positions from 9 to 7.

See you in Lunacia!

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With Love,

The Axie Infinity Team

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