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Nhinestreams Gameplay Tutorials
Welcome to a new series of gameplay tutorials accessible via Multiverse101 and created by Nhinestreams. It’s working title is – Nhinestreams Gameplay Tutorials, until we think of something cooler…or not. Nhinestreams is an active streamer and blockchain gaming community member. He’s renowned for his gaming prowess, and in this new
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Happy 2020! The year of clear vision – time to film a documentary!
2020 brings in a new year and new decade, and we hope the start has been a fun and safe time for everyone that reads this. 2019 has been a blast and a great time for a variety of blockchain gaming projects spreading the web of a new multiverse via
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ParJar lets you instantly swap over 30 coins with friends in Telegram group chats and can make sending crypto easy, fun, and social.
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DECIMATED is an award winning multiplayer survival RPG still in development with rare collectable virtual items, in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world. It is integrating the Ethereum blockchain.
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CryptoZone is a community-driven Telegram giveaways channel. They started giving away ERC-20 tokens and rapidly expanded to crypto-collectibles such as ERC-721 and ERC-1155.
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Ether Legends
Ether Legends is a collectible, turn-based, RPG arena style Trading Card Game. Each Ether Legends trading card is a unique Ethereum ERC721 token crypto-collectible and are also available in physical form.
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NEOWorld / NEOLand
NEOWorld and NEOLand are a multiplayer online virtual world that runs on NEO blockchain. Here in the 3D virtual environment NEOLand is an island off NEOWorld, where players explore new frontiers, create skylines, pursue careers and build wealth, legends and legacies from scratch, just like in the real world.
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Dark Town
A new Diablo-like combat RPG game developed by ITAM Games utilising the EOS blockchain. It describes itself as an online collective RPG specialized for digital assets.
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My Crypto Heroes
My Crypto Heroes is a popular Japanese RPG battle game that is built on the Ethereum blockchain utilising ERC-721 gaming assets.
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