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Project update: Game Maker updates, VoxEdit Beta, and LAND MoonSale
The latest developments and updates of The Sandbox gaming platform. We continue to develop and implement important tools and key features in VoxEdit and our Game Maker to allow artists, creators, and players to create unique voxel assets and game experiences. This month’s key developments will enable a full blockchain
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Axie Infinity: Land Development Update!
Axie Infinity is a grand experiment for a new type of game — one that gives more ownership and voice to its players. Our community is an integral, driving force within Axie and this update will start the process of engaging you on a more meaningful level when it comes to the creation
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Pathfinders: Release of Open Beta
It’s time. We know a lot of you have been waiting months for this and we are very pleased to finally be able to announce the release of an open beta version of Pathfinders! With Enjin integration. With character progression. With playable NFTs. And yes, with plenty of top-down sci-fi
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The Enjin SDK for Java Is Live
“My favorite tool in Java is hot code swapping in debug mode, meaning I can edit the code while the game is running and immediately see the results in the running game. This is super great for rapid tweaking. ” ― Markus “Notch” Persson, Creator of Minecraft Named after the
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Blockchain in a Block World: Introducing the EnjinCraft Plugin for Minecraft
Just over a decade ago, a Swedish indie developer helped the world re-evaluate exactly what a video game is—and what games could be—with an unconventional title featuring limited graphics or directed gameplay. It became an unprecedented success. Across all platforms, it’s reached nearly half a billion gamers and hosts 126
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MCP Players Have Earned Over $3,5M USD in 2 Years
What does it take to develop a game with an in-depth economy, without a single economic adjustment since day one? MegaCryptoPolis (MCP) was launched in May 2018, and since then, the gameplay has been upgraded with dozens of new additions and 3D. It’s proven to be one of the most successful
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Announcing: The Sandbox MoonSale, a special LAND Presale.
The Sandbox Team is pleased to announce an exciting new event: a special lunar-themed LAND Sale event, starting on Thursday, June 4th (a day before the full moon) at 1PM GMT (09:00AM Eastern Standard Time). PRE-REGISTER NOW Introducing: The Sandbox MoonSale! TLDR: The MoonSale will be conducted in 5 week-long
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Blockchain Gaming Digest 18 – 24 May – Blockchain Games Portal
Welcome to another blockchain gaming digest by League of Kingdoms Land sale is about to launch in a few hours, while Splinterlands announced that they are moving to Hive blockchain. Also, some updates and additions occurred to the Enjin’s multiverse program. Let’s take a look at this week’s hottest
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League of Kingdoms Land Sale Goes Live on 25/5 – Blockchain Games Portal
The League of Kingdoms land sale is going live in around 10 hours from now (25/5/2020 00:00 UTC) with discounted prices in crystals and Land plots. The upcoming MMO strategy game League of Kingdoms allows players to own the coordinates of land plots and build an undefeated empire. The owned land plots
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The Six Dragons Integrate on-Chain Verified Randomness With Chainlink’s VRF
The Six Dragons is a popular RPG in the Gaming Multiverse as one of the most promising games. The early gameplay shows a polished and carefully developed gaming experience with an open world bigger than Skyrim. Today the development team of TSD, BlockPegnio, announced the implementation of Chainlik’s VRF technology that ensures fairness and
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