Only a few days are left until the end of stage one of our Halloween event.

You have till 31 of October to contribute to the Halloween challenges.

After the clock straights midnight on the night of Halloween, all the rewards you could not unlock will be gone forever.

On the bright side, all the rewards you did unlock will become available in the special Halloween adventure.

So let’s see the current progress and where your Cuties are needed most.

More than half of the treasures of Windy Hills are ready for the taking.

Almost 60% complete and less than 7 000 visits to go to get to milestone 4.

Snowy Mountain

Things are even better in the Snowy Mountains. Four out of five treasures of Snowy Mountain are unlocked.

More than 70% complete.

Magical Forest

We are almost at the fourth milestone at the Magical Forest.

About 60% complete.

A little more to go, and the second unique Halloween item will be added to your future drop list.

The Desert

The same is true for the Desert. A bit more and the fourth reward will be unlocked.

More than 60% complete.

Ivory Tower

Cutieneers are crushing the Ivory Tower challenges. All the special new items are unlocked, and a bit is left to go to complete it 100%.

More than 90% complete.


The same is true for the Metropolis adventure.

About 95% complete.

You have unlocked some amazing items there!


The Ghetto challenges are almost complete.

About 90% complete.


As for the breeding challenge, we still have some way to go.

Less than 50% complete.

Two very cool treasures are still locked. It would be an absolute nightmare not to see the full Death Knight’s set in stage two.

Very very sad

Raid Boss

On the bright side, the helmet is already secured!

60% complete.

And what is left to do here is to make this set even more powerful.

Good luck in unlocking them all, Cutieneers!

Challenges end on October 31st.