The Sandbox Team is pleased to announce an exciting new event: a special lunar-themed LAND Sale event, starting on Thursday, June 4th (a day before the full moon) at 1PM GMT (09:00AM Eastern Standard Time).


Introducing: The Sandbox MoonSale!


  • The MoonSale will be conducted in 5 week-long waves around the Presale 3 Area containing ESTATES from ATARI, PONG, RollerCoaster Tycoon & others.
  • In the special MoonSale, all sale dates will approximately follow Moon cycles (±2days).
  • Launch is expected on Thursday, June 4th, a day before the full Moon. The sale will last approximately a month.
  • LAND and ESTATE Price as well as discounts remain at the price of the previous Round: $38.40, a 20% discount off the flat LAND price of $48 that will be in place once the public sale begins later this year
  • A Treasure hunt will be held during the Sale(s). Stay tuned to get a chance to win a massive (12×12) ESTATE!


New to LAND Presales? Read this tutorial article: https://medium.com/sandbox-game/the-sandbox-land-presale-how-to-buy-a-land-47a720c407ba

Due to the huge demand we received in our last sale event,

we are happy to make more LANDS available through this very special event happening between the 3rd & the 4th sales. (The fourth official round of LAND sale will still happen later in the year.)

This MoonSale will enable players to purchase LANDS near their favorite partners and brands such as ATARI, PONG, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Metamask, Status etc. LANDS will be accessible on a regular basis during more than a whole month as we synchronously open access to a small amount of selected LAND owners who already have amazing game projects and are willing to provide us feedback and help us improve the Game Maker.

We also want to give the opportunity to more people unable to secure their spots in the last sale due to their locations, time zones or simply because it sold out too quickly.


The Sandbox goes to the Moon!

Starting June 4th, The Sandbox will take you on a Trip to the Moon. Approximately following moon cycles (±2days) we’ll open not 1, 2, or 3 but… 6 back-to-back waves of LAND sales. There will be 4 medium rounds during Crescent & Gibbous phases + 2 smaller flash rounds when Quarter Moons appear.

The Sandbox Moon journey detailed schedule:

  • On June 4th at 1PM GMT, the “Waning Gibbous’ round will begin.
    The FULL moon will be on June 5th, and a Lunar Eclipse will happen that day as well! Amount of LANDS for sale: 1,458
  • On June 11th at 2PM GMT, the “Waning Quarter” round will begin.
    Amounts of LANDS for sale: 711
  • On June 16th at 3PM GMT, the “Waning Crescent” phase will begin.
    Amounts of LANDS for sale: 1,458
  • On June 23rd at 4PM GMT, the “Waxing Crescent” phase will begin.
    The new moon will be on June 20th, and a Solar Eclipse will happen that day as well!
    Amounts of LANDS for sale: 1,458
  • On June 30th at 5PM GMT, the “Waxing Quarter” phase will begin.
    Amounts of LANDS for sale: 711
  • On July 2nd at 6PM GMT, the “Waxing Quarter” phase will begin.
    Amounts of LANDS for sale: 1,458

A treasure will also happen during the Presale. Keep an eye out for more information. Big ESTATE at Stake.


MoonSale in Numbers

The Sandbox’s new Presale round will contain ~6% of the available supply for sale in our metaverse, meaning a total of 7,254 LAND parcels available at a 20% discount.

The Sandbox Moon LAND Presale map will be distributed as follows:

  • Individual LAND parcels: 1,134
  • 3×3 Estates: 480
  • 6×6 Estates: 50

A maximum of ~5% of the reserved LAND parcels will also be distributed to our community in the revealed area(s).

Prices are the same as offered in LAND Presale Round 3 (See table below):

More information on Token Economics here: https://medium.com/sandbox-game/land-token-economics-1efe442eb49

More information on How to buy a LAND here: https://medium.com/sandbox-game/the-sandbox-land-presale-how-to-buy-a-land-47a720c407ba


Pre-register now and join our vibrant community !

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