Both the interiors and exteriors of AlterVerse Disrupter ships can now be uniquely colorized. Watch the video HERE.

Disruption, the first game in a series from AlterVerse, Inc. is playable now for alpha testers and will soon be released in Early Access on Steam. It is a PC game set aboard massive Disrupter Starships in an alternate universe. It will feature 5 games in 1. The AlterVerse team is also working on 16 pre-made game servers in various themes and gameplay modes that will make up the entirety of the AlterVerse multiverse!

Server Owners/Ship Captains now have the ability to completely customize and colorize the major elements of their ships offering players the enjoyment of playing on a variety of uniquely designed vessels. Players can even acquire their own customizable Crew Rooms.

A Privately Owned Crew room in Red and Black

The new Customizer Interface and underlying code is where the magic happens. This technology will be put to use on all of the upcoming AlterVerse titles as well.

The ship’s hull is divided into four areas that can each be colorized independently. Even the hull lights can be changed, the options are limitless.

Inside the starship, there are 30 different ceiling, wall, and floor designs to choose from and each can be uniquely colorized in 2–4 areas. The interior lights can also be changed and a dynamic reflection probe system propagates the changes throughout the entire ship.

Four Examples of Limitless Customization Options

As mentioned above, each Disrupter Starship offers 32 crew rooms which can be independently owned. Each room is tokenized and tracked on the blockchain. Players can link their Enjin wallet to confirm ownership of their rooms, put their name above the door, and even lock the doors if they want. The crew rooms are customizable with choices of wall art, rug styles, even the color of the bed. Just like the rest of the ship, the ceilings, walls, floors, and lights can be colorized independently from the rest of the ship. Server owners can rent, sell, or offer crew rooms as incentives to their Alliance members.

Ship Captain Blackice made a video showing off a couple of his crew room customizations HERE.

Check out the uniquely customized Disrupter Starships by going to www.AlterVerse.com, creating a Free account, then registering HERE for our Alpha testing program. Steam keys are available for the first 50 respondents.

A limited number of Lifetime Citizenships and a trove of uniform and weapon skins are available for purchase on the AlterVerse Market site also. Citizenships entitle you to all of the upcoming games at no additional cost along with other perks and will eventually be sold as a monthly subscription.

Find videos, screenshots, and art at our press kit link: https://www.alterverse.com/press/


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