The AlterVerse has kicked into high gear this Summer with the launch of the first ever AlterVerse loot crate sale and a brand new ERC-1155 marketplace. We are calling on all members of the Enjin movement, blockchain gaming enthusiasts and all crypto supporters and gamers to contribute and participate.

The best part: You are invited. Empower yourself. Be counted as one of the pioneers of something visionary, something extraordinary.

Make a contribution in this very special 2019 Summer sale. Walk away with Enjin Coin (ENJ) backed, blockchain-based skins, and other cool game items and goodies, including top-notch prizes for the top 10 contributors — not to mention, brownie points and bragging rights.

AlterVerse ERC-1155 Marketplace

Stores and Auctions

This brand new ERC-1155 marketplace kicked off with the AlterVerse loot crate sale (as mentioned above). Once the loot crate sale ends — less than 2 weeks from the publication of this article, they will add the ability for you to open your own stores and auctions to sell game items, collectibles, digital assets and other ERC-1155 tokens. How cool is that?

The AlterVerse ERC-1155 Marketplace was created from the ground up for that purpose and to help promote the ERC-1155 standard. This is why they are taking no chances and hosting it on Amazon Web Services with Load Balancing, Spot instances and Elastic Beanstalk for Autoscaling.


The fees will be minimal. If you’re an AlterVerse Vendor re-selling their skins there’s no fee other than the built-in transfer fee. If you’re selling third-party items the fee will be slightly higher.

2019 Summer Sale — AlterVerse Loot Crate Sale

The first AlterVerse loot crate sale kicked off recently and with a bang, attracting among many others, fans of AlterVerse: Disruption — the first game that will be released in the AlterVerse. This game will allow players to travel and explore one of the solar systems in the AlterVerse in specialized ships called Disrupter ships. The latter will be used in adventure quests, alliance raids, battle royale and solo raids.

AlterVerse Loot Crate Options — Captain’s Crate and Admiral’s Crate

AlterVerse loot crate options include two options: A Captain’s Crate available at $25 that comes with 2 random items plus in-game currency in the form of 250 Ace tokens (or Aces). An Admiral’s Crate is also available at $50. This high tier crate comes with 4 random items plus 500 Aces!

What are you waiting for? Be counted as one of the pioneers, early adopters of blockchain games and blockchain gaming. Check out the myriad of items up for grabs in the marketplace! Take me there!

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