AlterVerse: Disruption player with an Enjin backed, multiverse Plasma Hammer skin.

The long awaited, and highly anticipated pre-alpha release of AlterVerse: Disruption has arrived! A group of early supporters has begun playing, load testing, and exploring the large Disrupter ships that the first game is set on.

Freeplay mode and Solo Raid mode are now playable. Two more game play modes will be released over the coming weeks.

The pre-alpha release will include gamers who own an Elite Lifetime Citizenship, Limited Edition Game Server/Disrupter Ship or an AlterVerse Founder’s Token. Those who have a Steam key from earlier testing can also access the game.

Disrupter Ship server owners have the ability to host a highly customizable, Enjin backed star ship, sell tokenized crew rooms, and earn a commission on sales of tokenized skins.

The server owners will soon be able to launch their server in one of five different game play modes and charge a small fee in Faces (in-game currency) to play and offer prizes to winners.

When the testing phase is complete the game will be released on Steam’s Early Access. Disruption is the first of 17 planned games that will make up the AlterVerse.

Founders tokens and the first allotment of Disrupter Ship servers sold out early, although some may still be found on the open market.

If you would like to take part in history but don’t have a Server, Founder’s Token or Citizenship there is a limited supply of Elite Lifetime Citizenship's still available through the AlterVerse Marketplace HERE.

If you have a Steam key from earlier testing you are also eligible to jump back in and have some fun!


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