New Devs…

One of the larger project developments to take place this month was the hiring of a development team to assist in the coding of the game. This will speed up the development of the game so that everything doesn’t fall on the shoulders of a single person. While other pieces of the game development are underway, the coding of the new game framework is critical. Those of you who played (or are playing) the alpha version of the game will notice there is no card-based gameplay. So re-writing several aspects of the game were necessary to add blockchain cards into the game.

Book of Orbs…

The first 10 cards have been added to the Book of Orbs application. This allows players to buy, sell, and collect the Age of Rust cards in the Book of Orbs wallet for Rustbits. The backend is the Counterparty DEX exchange, but with the Book of Orbs front end, you can see which cards you have and which ones you need.

There is a season to burn…

This month we burned 2.9M additional Rustbits tokens as part of the deflationary system. As such, there were 11,000 additional Rustchain cards that were also burned. You can see what’s been burned in total at the proof of burn address at: https://t.co/QIZfgqtYV0

Exchanges, Exchanges, Exchanges…

The effort to get Rustbits added to an exchange is part of the project. We’ve approached many of the popular exchanges that support Counterparty, while we haven’t received a “no”, we haven’t been given a date either. I know that everyone has a suggestion to try exchange xyz, but at the same time, a lot of these exchanges either don’t support Counterparty or are being bombarded by other projects to get coins added. Right now, our top picks are Bittrex, Tux, and Poloniex to get Rustbits listed since they support Counterparty. However, getting listed on those exchanges is very, very difficult. In the end, it’s simply not a matter of effort on our side alone, we need community support and help to get Rustbits added to an exchange.

Up ahead, project milestones…

In November, we’re going to update and publish out the milestones and estimated dates for the Beta version of the game. The Beta version will support blockchain cards, a new navigation system, voiceover, background sounds, and the prizes in the game total up to 4 BTC.

Additionally, more updates on the game development process will be posted. You’ll get some behind the scenes views and information into what’s going into the game and what you can look forward to seeing.

New Website for Age of Rust

Check out our new website about the first Age of Rust game, you can visit the site here: https://www.ageofrust.games/

More information about the game, cards, and Rustbits will be updated on the site in November. A lot of people still don’t know what the game is about and between the blog and the new website, we hope to address that gap in exploring the Age of Rust universe.

Slack vs. Discord

With the bot attack on Slack, several community members asked for a Discord server for Age of Rust, so we made one for you. You can join our Discord server here: https://discord.gg/njjuTGD

I try to frequent Slack, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets as much as possible. That being said, don’t panic if I don’t show up for a day or so, remember there’s a game to get out so my time goes into that as well.

Community Thanks

We have a great community and it shows, from the tips, help, and goodwill that everyone shares online is simply amazing. It wouldn’t be right to post anything about the development and not credit everyone out there who shares the artwork, posts in the forums, plays the game, and helps others out. In the future, I’ll be sharing some more of the idea and little projects all of you are working on around the game, cards, and rustbits. 🙂

Note: While previous updates were on Steemit, it’s far easier to use medium and a little more suited to share information with everyone.

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