We salute Andreas Hauser ! As he is the one who originally founded Multiverse 101 and gave life to its Multiverse Army to help guide curious gamers, collectors, and investors through the loops & 3rd party traps that plague most blockchain-related projects.

In the summer of 2019 that army was honourably dismantled…and transformed into the present-day Multiverse Movement.

Multiverse 101 still aspires to achieve the same goals as were originally set. And then some. We strive for total adoption of blockchain technology and hope to inspire all willing to be part of the movement to get there. We feel one of the best ways to achieve this is through gaming. Multiverse 101 contributes to the cause by collecting as much useful knowledge as possible and share this with all looking or almost looking for it. As in knowledge lies true power and in sharing we find freedom.

Throughout history the majority have always been ruled by the rich and the knowledgeable. Not necessarily always with bad intentions. Yet somehow money and knowledge usually stay close to home. Now that blockchain has arrived…with it…a new way of distributing wealth and wisdom is rising…

As our Multiverse 101 founders token describes:

Multiverse101.com is a community driven open source knowledge base for fans and newcomers wanting to know more about blockchain gaming. In collaboration with eGamers – the premier blockchain gaming news site – Multiverse101 is a comprehensive and current source on all things blockchain gaming. Whether you need current news, detailed blockchain game content or tutorials, you can start here. Engage your curiosity and click to explore.