Are you prepared to claim the Alpha Seasons Throne?

Each season winner will sit on the throne during the following season!

With the launch of closed alpha we are also announcing our very first season — Alpha Season! The 30 best warriors from the leader-boards towards the end of the closed alpha will receive a season finale tournament invite and fight for prize money worth over $10,000 CDN The season winner will be placed on the 9LA throne during the entire season 2. Are you ready to claim your throne?


Closed Alpha is scheduled to last roughly five months and will help us scale the server to prepare for much larger player counts when we move to open alpha.

Closed Alpha access is still available in our Store through Founder packs 3 to 6.

Every Closed Alpha member will receive the Alpha League Token which will grant closed Alpha members a lifelong leader board and in-game chat reserved solely to owners of the token!

Comes with Founder Packs 3, 4, 5 and 6

Closed Alpha Road-map overview

The main purpose of the closed alpha is the development of a solid scale-able server architecture to be able to handle huge amount of players moving forward.

Continuous bug fixes and balancing of the game itself, the polishing of current features and the integration of additional features.

One of the key features during closed alpha that we want to enable as early as possible will be the ability to link your Enjin wallet to your gaming account and therefore the usability of the Blueprints to craft in-game items for your own heroes. This is an important first and big step of our Enjin integration… the ability to read your wallet and enable the items you own on your account.

Ooogies — once we are able to read the wallet and enable blueprints our focus will turn towards Ooogies and their very unique integration where each random Ooogy will receive its very own unique token image representing its unique looks.

With only 999 spots available in closed alpha will you be one of them? Don’t miss your chance to play early, win prices or earn special achievements that will become part of the history of 9Lives Arena.

And always remember:

Join us on discord: https://discord.gg/weqNqKJ

Join u son Telegram: https://t.me/NineLivesArena


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