Items in crypto collectible games are non-fungible tokens. With the term non-fungible, we mean that each one has its own unique characteristics and you can’t find any identical. Running on the Blockchain, players benefit from true item ownership and authenticity can now be easily traced.

Along with the interest of gamers about Crypto Games, any kind of collectors across the world are pointing their attention to Crypto Collectible Games and the benefits of the blockchain technology. Not long ago we saw a Gods Unchained card, the
Hyperion Mythic sold for the mindblowing amount of 146.279 ETH (60.000$ at the time), becoming the second most expensive card in the world after the Black Lotus ($87,000). And there is a fact we should consider here, the game isn’t released yet, and mark my words, this is only the beginning.

Collectible games that have already been released are massively growing their volume and their daily users day by day. Let’s take a closer look at 5 Crypto Collectible Games that you can play right now.

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MyCryptoHeroes is a collectible crypto game for PC and Mobile where players can collect heroes and train them in PVE and PVP Battles. The game uses GUM Token as the in-game currency and players can buy, sell or gift heroes and items in the in-game marketplace using GUM or with Ethereum in decentralized assets exchanges such as OpenSea.

In MCH you have to build a team of 3 Champions and challenge nodes and players.

MyCryptoHeroes is considered one of the most popular crypto games as of today with a huge fan base in Japan and it clearly becomes more and more popular in the rest of the world. This pixel art game is a genius one, it requires a lot of strategy and thinking in order to overcome the nodes difficulties and successfully complete the quests.

Recently, MyCryptoHeroes completed their Land Sale which was a great success, players are now able to become Land citizens and choose sides for a number of benefits. Landowners and other special citizenship roles are rewarded in GUM & Ethereum from node drops and other features.

Uncommon Champion Xu Chu in MyCryptoHeroes – Can be acquired through the Heroes sale in March 2019

How to earn money in MyCryptoHeroes (MCH)

First of all, MyCryptoHeroes is free-to-play. You don’t have to spend a dime in order to play but if you want to progress in the game and challenge difficult nodes, you will need to acquire some heroes. Luckily, you can get champions for a low price through the in-game store or at OpenSea and begin your journey in the amazing world of MyCryptoHeroes.

You can sell some of your node drops, either for GUM or Ethereum (depending on grade), if you have a valuable item, someone is might looking for it!

Another way to earn money through MyCryptoHeroes is just playing, by playing you gather GUM, and GUM can be used to purchase Heroes or items that can be later sold for Ethereum.

Moreover, you can participate in the weekly events and claim unique prizes that vary from champions to Ethereum prizes.

Another cool feature of MyCryptoHeroes (MCH) is the PRIME. Think of it as a premium subscription which costs 1,000 GUM (0.1ETH). It offers a number of advantages such as having extra teams to play and it rewards you daily with GUM tokens.

While there are other methods to earn money such as owning land, we won’t get into that much details as it’s for more advanced players who are willing to spend money.

Now you know the basics of MyCryptoHeroes, if you are a strategy maker, this game is for you! Make sure you check it out!

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ChibiFighters is a role-playing crypto collectible game running in both Ethereum (ETH) and Tron (TRX) network. Chibis are collectible and tradeable ERC721 tokens that players can buy or sell in decentralized assets exchanges such as OpenSea.

By registering, one free Chibi is provided by the game to the beginners. Although the game is free to play buying some chibis to start your adventures is highly recommended in order to proceed in the game and rank up in the leaderboard.

Currently, Chibi Fighters TRX presale is live, acquire your tokens and receive generation 0 Chibis with the ability to stake your coins for profits in the future.

How to earn money in Chibi Fighters

In-game rewards like ETH crystals or TRX crystals depending on the blockchain can be converted to ETH and TRX.

Lets say for example that you are playing the game in the Ethereum version:

By completing the daily quests you will earn Gems and coins. Gems can be added in the crystal cave which will reward each player in ETHshards in addition to the amount of the Gems added, so everyone gets a fair share. ETHShards can be converted to real Ethereum (ETH).

After the payouts players start to add Gems in the cave all over again in order to rank up for a higher position in the ranking and a bigger amount of ETHShards.

There are two types of Gems ETH Gems and TRX Gems depending on which version you want to play so choose the version that you want to get paid.

Chibi Fighters also has its own market where you can sell your loot. With over 42 different weapons and various gear sets, possibilities to earn money through the marketplace are presented.

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Blockchain Cuties is a collectible blockchain game with cool adventures where players can Breed, collect, level up and battle with adorable cuties.

The game is one of the oldest blockchain games available and also one of the first to become multi-blockchain. With an overwhelming community and active development, Blockchain Cuties is definitely one of the greatest collectible games to play.

Every cutie is an ERC721 non-fungible token and that makes every one of them unique and provides users true ownership of their assets. Choose your favorite version because the game is available in Ethereum (ETH) Tron (TRX) and EOS blockchain.

How to earn money in Blockchain Cuties

Breeding Cuties is considered as the best way to earn money in Blockchain Cuties. Every cutie is unique so each one has a different price depending on various factors such as characteristics, rarity, and generation.

You can get generation 0 cuties and start breeding for a low price, by doing this, you will have a “family” of cuties that you can either play with or sell in the marketplace.

Blockchain Cuties hosts a daily lottery where you can win various prizes that can be later sold or used by you.

Owning a unique and rare Cutie can be a great benefit because you can put your Cutie in the Sire Marketplace. When Siring, others will breed their Cuties with yours for a fixed price.

Of course, by playing the game you will receive drops from adventures that can be later sold in the marketplace along with Cuties.

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Axie Infinity is one of the oldest crypto collectible games featuring a number of activities. The game is available on the Ethereum & Loom network, players can breed and battle fantasy creatures called Axies. In order to play the game, an Ethereum wallet such as metamask is needed.

How to own some Axies and start the game

You can buy Axies at the games decentralized marketplace or other exchanges such as OpenSea. One other way is to purchase eggs from the lab when available and of course by breeding. You can breed your own Axies or use one of yours with an Axie from the Mating Club. Keep in mind that breeding requires a small amount of gas fee and XP. An Axie can breed 7 times.

Every Axie is unique and comes in 8 different Body parts and traits: eyes, mouth, ears, horns, back, tail, body pattern (or shape), and body color. Each body part has its own unique battle moves so the combination of battle moves is infinite. By completing quests, daily activities and battling, your Axies will level up and evolve.

Axies are fantasy creatures in Lunacia an open world map owned by players.
Every square in Lunacia is a tokenized decentralized plot of land which can be purchased, rented out, and developed by players.

How to earn money in Axie infinity

First of all, for a limited time, you can join the Land sale, for around $20 you can acquire a fully tradable land that can later be sold in any decentralized marketplace.

Owning and training Axies can result in higher prices, you can sell your Axies in decentralized marketplaces and earn some profits while you can also breed your Axies with others and gain a fixed fee.

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Etheremon is a crypto collectible game running in the Ethereum network with plans to migrate into VR in cooperation with Decentraland (Mana).

Catch Mons to become their personal trainer and battle to make them stronger. Etheremon remembers a lot of Pokemon and the players have captured nearly 50,000 Mons (the game monsters) as of March 2019.

Etheremon is described as the first game opening the era of Game 3.0 and it rewards players with Emont tokens.

How to earn money money in Etheremon

Emont token an ERC-20 cryptocurrency is used for the economy of the game. By progressing in the game players can mine Emont tokens that can be traded for Ethereum (ETH) or used in-game.

Of course you can complete daily quests and send your Mons in adventure sites to receive a number of rewards.

Another way to earn in Etheremon is by training your Mons, the more you level up your Mons the more their value increases and you can sell them in the game store.

Mons are evolving and they can produce eggs used to further advance a mon.

Most kinds of Mons are limited supply and once all of them are bought they will be available only in the games marketplace.

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We hope you liked our list of 5 crypto collectible games to play. Feel free to suggest other games in our communities and discuss with us.

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